As millions of people are under lockdown due to COVID-19 and have adapted the working-from-home style, they get to spend a lot of time with their families. While some people have welcomed this remote-working approach, others find it difficult to cope up as they get easily distracted. If you, too, are making desperate attempts to submit your work in time but in vain, we have got a solution. Why not activate the PBS Kids channel at pbskids.org/activate and allow your kid to engage in something fruitful through educational videos?

Think educational videos are boring and monotonous? Think twice! Educational games and videos from Wild Kratts, Sesame Street, Curious George, Arthur, Odd Squad, and other PBS KIDS shows are highly entertaining. The PBS Kids programs are aired by the Public Broadcasting Service in the United States.

How to Create a PBS Account?

To stream PBS Kids content, a PBS account is inevitable. This is how you can create an account.

  • Go to the official PBS website – www.pbs.org.
  • Click the “Sign In” button.
  • Select “Sign In with Email”.
  • Provide details as prompted – First Name, Last Name, Email, and Password.
  • Click “Register”.
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Steps to Activate PBS Kids Channel App on Roku

When it comes to augmenting the love for learning and inspiring & nurturing curiosity in children, resort to the PBS Kids content. Through curriculum-based entertainment, “PBS Kids is committed to making a positive impact on the lives of millions of children”. Not just kids, the Company leverages the power of technology and involves teachers, communities, caregivers, and parents as learning partners – to build critical thinking, knowledge, curiosity, and imagination.

The good news is you can download the PBS Kids app on your Roku and activate the channel via pbskids.org/activate – the authorized page. Let’s understand how you can stream PBS Kids on your Roku.

Add PBS Kids Channel App to your Roku Device

Now that you have created an account with PBS Kids, it is time to get the PBS Kids app on your Roku. Make sure you have an active Internet connection and an updated Roku device.

  • Turn on the device and access the home screen by pressing the “Home” button on the remote.
  • From the home screen, you need to access the “Streaming Channels” button.
  • Under it, you will find “Search Channels”.
  • Click on the search bar and enter “PBS Kids”.
  • The channel should turn up on the screen.
  • Click the “Add Channel” button to add the channel to your device.
  • The PBS Kids app will be added to the Channel list.
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Activate PBS Kids App on Roku at pbskids.org/activate

The app is now added to your Roku device. You should now follow the steps below to activate the channel via pbskids.org/activate.

  • Now that the app is installed on your Roku, click the “Go to Channel”.
  • You will return to the home screen and locate the channel at the bottom of the screen.
  • Launch the app by tapping it.
  • A unique activation code along with the activation linkpbskids.org/activate will appear on the screen.
  • Keep the screen visible and head to pbskids.org/activate on your mobile phone or computer, or tablet.
  • Enter the code and click “CONTINUE”.
  • You will be prompted to enter the sign-in details.
  • Choose the “PBS” or “Google”, or “Facebook” account to sign in.
  • An “Activation Success” message will appear on the screen.
  • Your Roku has been successfully activated.

You are all set to stream PBS Kids content on Roku.

Activate PBS Kids App on Your Amazon Fire TV

  • Open your Fire TV’s main screen and select the Find option.
  • Under the Find section, search for PBS Kids app using the virtual keypad.
  • Once you locate the app, press the Get option to add the application.
  • Once installed, open the PBS Kids app. An activation code will display on your screen.
  • Now, go to the PBS Kids activation pagepbskids.org/activate on another device’s browser.
  • Type the activation code in the provided field and press the Continue button.
  • Next, sign in to your PBC Kids account.
  • You will see an “Activation success” message on your screen.
  • The PBS Kids can now be watched on your Fire TV.
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PBS Kids activation code not working? Troubleshooting Tips

Refer to the following troubleshooting tips if the PBS Kids activation code is not working.

  • Generate Activation Code: Repeat the activation process to get an activation code. Use it at pbskids.org/activate without any delay to get an activation successful message.
  • Clear Cache and Cookies: Is your browser compatible? Make sure you are using a Chrome or Safari, or Firefox browser. Also, delete the cookies and cache files to ensure you have a smooth experience.
  • Update Roku: Another way to get rid of any activation error is to update your device. Access “Settings”, click “Update”, and there you go!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is PBS Kids free on Roku TV?

Yes. Downloading the PBS Kids app on Roku TV is FREE.

What popular games are available on PBS Kids for my kid?

The most popular PBS Kids games that your kid can enjoy on the streaming device include Music games, Winter Games, Science games, math games, Nature games, Reading games, Feeling games, etc.

What PBS Kids shows can I stream on Roku?

Amongst the best shows, you can stream Sesame Street, Ready Jet Go, SciGirls, Super Why!, Wild Kratts, and Sid the Science Kid.